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ONCOtracker offers immunoassay testing services in our GLP-compliant laboratory located in West Hollywood, CA.  With our team of highly experienced scientists, ONCOtracker is committed to providing our clients with high quality results that are both accurate and reproducible. Explore our offerings below:

Other immunoassays are available upon request.

Please contact us with your testing needs.

Preclinical Drug Development


In vitro Cell Lines

  • Assess activity of new agents
  • Determine optimal combinations

In vivo Patient-derived Tumors and Other Cell Lines

Quick determination of:

  • Efficacy
  • Safety

Further understanding of:

  • Biology of myeloma
  • Mechanism of action of drugs
  • Biomarker discovery and development


In vivo (animal models), measure tumor volume, biomarkers; useful for testing drugs and learning more about tumor biology.


Isolation of PBMCs and bone marrow cells, Cell culture and co-culture, Cell count, H&E staining, IHC and IFC, in situ hybridization on bone marrow smears, flow cytometric assay, MTS (MTT) assay, apoptosis assay, and cell cycle.


Western blot, protein determination, ELISA assay, and immuno-precipitation.


Northern blot, Total RNA and mRNA isolation, PCR and Real-Time qRT-PCR, and RNAse protection assay.


Tissue preparation (frozen and paraffin section) H&E staining, IHC and immunofluorescence (IFC) assay, and in situ hybridization.


Southern blot, DNA and isolation, DNA sequence, PCR and gene cloning.


A world-class biorepository of clinically characterized specimens with comprehensive, logitudinal clinical data from thousands of MM cases.

We incorporate comprehensive clinical data to support precision medicine research including:

  • Demographics
  • Treatment history
  • Clinical response
  • Laboratory results
  • Pathology reports
  • Physician notes 

Access to clinical sites for obtaining biospecimens and prospective collection capabilities available upon request.


Working with Us

How to start a project with us:

  1. If a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is required, you may simply print a form HERE, sign and send it to us @ info@oncotracker.com . Alternatively, you may send us your signed NDA/CDA form for our review.
  2. To obtain a no-obligation cost estimate for your project please CONTACT US with a description of the work requested and a project specialist will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your inquiry.

Testing & Services Documents

ONCOtracker Testing Services Brochure

ONCOtracker provides testing services to support your drug and test development needs. The ONCOtracker testing brochure outlines  the different services we provide.

ONCOtracker Testing Services Slide Deck

ONCOtracker provides testing services to support your drug and test development needs. The ONCOtracker testing slide deck provides comprehensive details on our testing services.


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